NFT Fan Fiction

Supporting NFT communities with fan fiction stories where 50% of the sales are used to support that project’s art and store in a community owned wallet.

NFT Fan Fiction

Supporting NFT communities with fan fiction stories where 50% of the sales are used to support that project’s art and store in a community owned wallet.

Why We Exist

Community Development

Every project wants to build a strong community and NFT Fan Fiction helps this goal by providing supplemental and engaging content for fans.

Raise Awareness

By developing engaging fan fiction based content, NFT Fan Fiction raises project awareness through collaboration and sales.

Support NFT Art

With 50% of sales from each drop locking up and managing project art in a community owned NFT vault, NFT Fan Fiction creates buy pressure for any community.

Community NFT Vaults

Many collectors are simply priced out from the benefits of owning NFTs. NFT Fan Fiction bridges this cap by offering low cost art which can get holders NFT exposure our NFT Vaults.

Outsource Creative Writing

Many projects have great artists and solid developers, but not solid story tellers.  Partnering with NFT Fan Fiction allows everyone to focus on their strengths.

Artist Collaboration

Have a favorite artist or project you want to support?  NFT Fan Fiction aims to collaborate with established artists looking to expand their communities.

SkvllPvnks Comic

The first comic will be a fan fiction comic around SkvllPvnks featuring real community members.

Season 1 will have 10 episodes, each containing 250 copies available for .03E where owners of previous comics will be allowed to buy subsequent releases before the public sale.

Upon sellout of each edition, 50% of the revenue (3.75E per edition, 37.5E total) will be used to buy and manage SkvllPvnk art stored in a dedicated community wallet which will be controlled by Season 1 Cover owners.

Season 1 Covers can be obtained by collecting and burning all 10 editions.

Each edition and the Series Cover will be an ERC-1155 token on Ethereum and therefore tradeable on the secondary market.

NFT Vaults

In addition to great art, collectors of all (10) editions can choose to burn the season to obtain a share of the NFT vault containg 50% of the sale from that particular collection/season.

Doing this increases NFT project brand awareness by providing a lower cost supplementary content for project owners while also re-investing sales revenue back into the project itself.


Half of all sales are used to buy and manage a NFT Fan Fiction NFT Vault (Wallet)

How It Works


Each collection has 10 drops


Each drop has a limited supply


Each edition is .01-.05 E


50% of Eth goes towards buying and managing art for that project.


Held in a community wallet


Burn all 10 editions for Series Cover which grants you access to the community wallet.


Why is Limited Supply important?

Controlling supply is the only way to control the number of vault owners, or at least, make it the most useful/fair to comic holders.

Why does the ETH price vary?

The price depends on the amount of work (our costs) to develop.  So, for example, a 20 page comic costs more to produce than a single page nursery rhyme.

How big is each vault?

Each NFT Vault will containt 50% of the Ethereum raised over the collection.

For example, a 10 edition season comic will contain 50% of the Ethereum raised over all 10 editions.  When sold out, the vault will close.

What's inside each NFT VAULT?

50% of the first 5 drops of a season will go to buying that project’s art, but after that we will turn to comic holders discussion in our discord server.

When can i burn?

Depending on the drop, the burn mechanic will be available immediately after the last item in the series drops.

How many vault owners?

There can never be more vault owners than there are editions of a single drop in a collection.

For example, the SkvllPvnks Fan Fiction comic will have 10 comics with 250 editions each, but since owning 1 of all 10 is required to burn for a Series Cover, there will never be more than 250 vault owners.

Can you compare to just buying the project's NFT?

Let’s say you mint a 10k project at .05E, spending .2 total.

You’d own 4 pieces or .04% of the supply, which might entitle you to .04% share of a community wallet or fund in that project.

If that fund is 30E then you effectively have .012E for investing .2, and, of course, you also have the art itself you bought.

You spent .2E and have (4) NFTs and access to .04% ownership of the community fund (if they have one).

If you spend .2E with NFF, then you get 10 NFTs which (if sold out) will have invested 25E in that project’s art.

Who knows how many pieces this will actually be, but if we assume .05 (mint price used above), the vault will have 500 NFTs in it.

Let’s assume you them burn the 10 you own to get access to this vault.

You spent .2E and have (1) Vault NFT and (here is the interesting part) AT WORST .04% (the same) ownership of the vault, but could be substantially more if few burn for the Vault NFT (for example, if you buy an extra edition and never burn it).


How might this actually play out?

There are lots of ways each drop will play out, which is the really exciting part. From die hard fans that solely want the art to investors interested in low-cost exposure to NFTs, what will actually happen is up to you.

But here are some things we think can happen:

Block Owners

If 250 wallets burned 10 editions, there would be 250 Series Cover owners that share control of the vault.

But 125 owners each bought 1 more edition of any episode, it would block half of the owners from being able to collect all 10.

Project Buyout

Well organized projects may opt to buy the entire (or a large part of the) collection, using the editions as project giveaways and to also control Vault ownership.

Never Sell Out

It’s also possible the collection never sells out. In the end, buyers control the success of NFT Fan Fiction so should this happen, we will have a conversation around next steps in our discord.




NFT Fan Fiction is the brain child of TaeKwonKrypto, unofficially certified cryptocurrency enthusiast and by a long shot the most undervalued YouTube resource unknown to the world.

Passionate about educating and building, TKK is a known name in several NFT communities including SkvllPvnks, Gen.Art, Fusion Apes, LoFiGlyphs, S.H.A.C.K.E.R.S., Big Head Club, Hail Draconis, Savage Droids, as well as several decentralized finance projects including Hifi Finance & Unslashed Finance.