Volume 1

The Collection

Why buy this?

  • It’s fun and beautiful
  • 50% of funds buy art and put in a community vault
  • Collect and burn all 10 for ownership to that vault.

A modern take on the classics.

NFT Nursery Rhymes Vol 1 is a collection of 10 classic nursery rhymes updated featuring popular NFTs. The community vault will purchase art related to each project, however, not all projects as it will unlikely be able to afford a CryptoPunk, for example!

Jack be Simple
project: cryptopunks

After all his days jumping candlesticks, Jack has moved on to shopping for CryptoPunks and presumably flipping NFT art.

Can you blame him?

Humfty, Dumfty
project: SkvllPvnks Daycare

The SkvllPvnks Babiez are out of daycare and, no surprise, acting mischeivous.  Always the hungry brood, they have knocked Humpfty off his sitting position and are making eggs.


Twinkle,Twinkle NFT
project: doodles nft

One of the most exciting parts of any mint is dreaming about what you are going to get! An update to the classic “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” our minters are busy dreaming about what they are going to get and, really, happy with whatever they end up with.

Cathie, Cathie
Quite Crypto Savvy
project: savage droids

Cathie (is it Woods?) loves building and her latest build is an Obsidian Savage Droid.

Baa, Baa, Bored Ape
project: BAYC / MAYC

The M1/2/3 serum drop took the NFT world by storm and in classic BAYC fashion hodling a MAYC has proven to be a great idea.

This updated classic shows the transformation of several apes and plays on some popular crypto lingo.

Y0K-A1 and B4K3M0-N0
project: 0n1Force

Jack and Jill went up the hill, but 0N1 Force already have hills and valleys in their Ethereal Enclave! What they didn’t want, though, was an attack from a Yokai!

So many great traits in this project, but in this one “Kitsune got mad, the Hannya got sad, and the Mempo almost got devoured!

Little Miss Stacy
project: Hunnys

In our take on Little Miss Muffet, our lead character, Miss Stacy, is busy drawing the 2nd generation Hunnys, but the reality is she is one of so many wonderful female #NFT artists on there.

Which ones do you support?

Hey, Ditto, Ditto
project: Cool Cats

There is so much to love about the Cool Cats project and we tried to bring it all together!  This drawing paints a Cool Cats town where the first generation cats are checking out options for the inevitable gen 2 drop, while we see pets and the 4 TIME collab pieces hidden throughout!

Can you find all 4?

Gutter Cat Gang
project: Gutter Cat Gang

Sung to “Three Blind Mice,” our GCG take features all 4 species living their lives in our imaginary city.  Cats, dogs, rats and birds all living…together?  One can dream.

What’s your favorite?

Something Big is Going Down
project: Rumble Kong League

Sung to “London Bridge,” our RKL take pits the popular Sacremento Kongs club against the Coastal Kongs in a “He’s heating up!” homage to the NBA Jam inside all of us.

Who will win?

Season Cover
project: NFT Fan Fiction

Collectors of all 10 stories can burn them in exchange for the collection cover, which serves as your access token to the NFT vault built from the collection sales.

Looking to for the Owners Vault?

Did you know you can burn all items in this collection for ownership to the respective NFT Vault?